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Meet The Owner! 

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Hi MOOvers! 

My name is Dr Emma Christopher and I am the proud owner of Moo Music Bournemouth. After spending many years studying child development, training as an Early Years teacher and finally studying my doctorate in developmental psychology, memory and language development, I hope I can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help your little ones grow and develop. 

Putting qualifications aside, I am also a Mum to my own 2 beautiful children, who you may see occasionally in a class during half terms and school holidays, so I can also try to offer practical advice and tips to you when it comes to raising under 5s. 

Having owned Moo Music Bournemouth for 6 years, taking my classes around church halls and community centres, I wanted to build a hub where parents, babies, young children and families could come throughout the week to have fun together, learn, achieve milestones, make friends, socialise and gain a support network. This is where the concept of Moo Music Bournemouth's own premises came from and since owning a dedicated space, on Wimborne Road in Winton, my team and I have never looked back!  

Our timetable has grown immensely at our own premises and the wide variety of classes now provided each week fulfill so many aspects of the early years curriculum. I am so proud to know that we give little ones the best chance to grow, learn and develop on a daily basis. For new parents, I wanted to create somewhere welcoming, friendly and personal, so that parents can easily make new friends and gain that important reassurance that they are doing a great job everyday!

My parents tell me on a daily basis how much they love our Moo Music home and I feel very privileged that we get to spend so much time with new parents and witness the incredible transformation from new born baby to toddler and then preschooler. We are so fortunate that each week we witness first rolls, first crawls, first steps, first words, all of which get a squeal of delight and a big clap. We often witness first tantrums too and please rest assured we are extremely relaxed and as a Mum myself, my youngest just 3 years old, this delightful period of development still seems very familiar!  

Owning Moo Music Bournemouth is the best job in the world.  I am so lucky, and find it quite unbelievable at times, that I get to call this work. I run many classes myself throughout the week so I am sure you will get to know me through these, but if I am not singing and dancing, you can usually find me in my office. Please do stop by to say hi or ask me advice about anything I may be able to help with. Any of my regular MOOvers will tell you that I always love to chat! 

We can not wait to see you and your little one in a class soon for lots of MOOsical fun! 

Lots of love 

Emma xx

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