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Baby Classes for Under 1s

Every week we offer you and your baby a wide range of classes for you to come and enjoy together! Our classes have been carefully planned and designed to help your baby learn and develop. Enjoy lots of sensory experiences, music, singing, sensory lights, bubbles and fun props in all of our weekly classes. Stay and play is included after all baby classes so you can enjoy some playtime with your baby and other families in our Garden Play Room and Soft Play Den.   

Baby Classes, Groups and Courses at Moo Music Bournemouth

Sensory Moo
(Under 1s) 
A lovely class full of music, singing, sensory
props & a room full of sensory lights and toys
for your baby to explore.

Active Baby Moo
(6-18 months)
A class full of singing, dancing, fun props,
puppets, instruments, bubbles and
sensory lights. A much more active class
for babies aged 6-18 months who are
now on the move. 

Story Moo
(6 months plus)
Our interactive story time classes are a
great way to introduce books to your baby,
improve language skills and vocabulary.
Our stories are brought to life with original
Moo Music songs and fun props. This class
appeals to a variety of age groups so is
perfect for siblings of mixed aged friends. 

Messy Moo
(6 months plus)
Our messy play session is a fun packed,
free flow play session where you and your
little one can explore different colours,
textures and smells - without any mess at
home! Join us every week for a sensory
experience that is fun and messy! 

5 Week Baby Massage
Course (8 weeks +) 
Suitable for babies aged 8 weeks and over,
you will learn baby massage techniques to                                    help improve your baby's
sleep, colic, constipation and teething
discomfort. During each week of the course
we focus on a different part of the body to 
massage. Our final session includes a course
overview, creating a baby footprint keepsake & 
a mini graduation ceremony with certificates for 
all babies! 

Baby Signing Course

(6 months plus) 

Our Baby signing course is a lovely 5 week

course that you and your baby can enjoy

together. Every week we learn signs

about a different theme such as colours,

animals, family and our feelings. This fun,

interactive course uses our original Moo

Music songs and teaches British Sign Language.

This is a great course to help communication

with your pre-verbal baby/toddler and for

adults to also learn a

new skill.   


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